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We are here all throughout the day but to ensure we give the most attention and care to your family pets our pickup and drop off times are 10-12 and 6-8 pm. If another time is needed please text or call Taylor at 616-216-1115

Training for All Breeds

K9 Academy International is a licensed accredited training school. We offer a wide range of training classes that cater to you and your dog’s needs. We offer in home training, group classes, personalized training classes and boarding training. All of K9 Academy International’s training courses are centered on operant conditioning with a strong focus on Positive Reinforcement Training. Positive Reinforcement Training is based around rewards and encouragement thus creating a more confident and stable dog. Classes include: Puppy School, Pet Obedience, Behavior Modification, Tracking, Scenting, Assistance/Service Dog School, Schutzhund Training, Protection and Security Training and training for dog owners. K9 Academy International also offers Pet Daycare and Boarding for all of west Michigan.

Puppy School

Puppy School is highly recommended for anyone who wants to establish a close and respected relationship with their pet. Puppy school will teach your dog the necessary tools to become a confident, healthy and happy adult dog. K9 Academy International believes that it is absolutely vital for your puppy to have a proper balance between training and socialization. Every puppy class is based around building up your puppy’s confidence with regular socialization with other puppies and pet owners. Expert trainers develop specific training lessons that center around each puppy’s personality and the needs of the owner. Teaching your puppy proper potty training methods is also offered for owner’s who may need additional help with proofing their puppies. Developing your dog’s skills will allow you to advance your dog’s potential as an adult and create an everlasting bond between owner and pet.

Pet Obedience

Obedience for family pets is an essential part of having a successful and respectful family dog. Expert trainers develop programs that are based upon your pet’s needs from basic obedience to advanced and specialized training. 6 week boarding training programs are offered for pet owners that would like their dog’s behavior and training to advance quickly and progressively. Consistency in your pet’s behavior is central with a strong emphasis on socialization and confidence building. Operant Conditioning training is utilized to encourage your pet to grow and learn to their utmost potential. Your pet will master all of its basic commands and in addition will learn specialized skills that suit you and your family needs. A new and obedient pet is guaranteed, you will be amazed at your dog’s potential!

Behavior Modification

K9 Academy International can alter any undesired behaviors your pet may have acquired. Anything from altering aggressive or anti-social behaviors to correcting basic obedience skills, and correcting your pet’s manner in the home or public can all be changed for the better. We will design a training course for your pet specialized to your dog’s personality that will inhibit certain bad behaviors while simultaneously promoting your dog’s positive attributes to excel.


K9 Academy International can utilize your dog’s natural born abilities of scent. Scenting is a very specific program altered generally to police dogs and public service dogs.  Dogs trained in scenting, can scent narcotics, explosives and other specific odors related to improving the safety and quality of our communities.

Obedience for Sport/Competitions

We can help you train and prepare your dog for obedience competitions for AKC, UKC, Schutzhund, and any other sport or organization.

Schutzhund Training

K9 Academy can assist you in all aspects of training your dog in Schutzhund, from obedience to tracking and protection, whether it be for competition, or titles, anywhere from a BH to a Schutzhund III or tracking degrees and basic protection degrees.

Protection/K9 Security Program

Dogs can be protection trained in a variety of disciplines, from family or home protection, to executive protection or security. A stable and well trained dog can effectively protect your home and family, while providing safe companionship, and can also provide security for you while you travel or for your business. Protection training programs at K9 Academy are tailored to fit your or your family’s needs and helps your dog to reach his full potential.

We offer a discounted price for training for anyone who is a major crime victim.


Tracking is utilized in both real life rescue situations and also for sporting purposes. K9 Academy International uses proven methods of tracking your dog to develop life saving and recreational skills for your dog to master. The Academy has produced some of the finest police dogs and assistant dogs for clients all around the greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. This specialized program will be specifically modified to your own needs, whether it is for an assistant dog, police dog or simply for sport. You will be amazed with your dog’s abilities given the proper training and encouragement from K9 Academy International.

Police Dogs

K9 Academy International has trained many police dogs over the years. We offer programs for K-9 tracking, obedience, narcotics, dual purpose, article search, building search, and problem solving. We also offer maintenance for police dogs. We have trained and sold dogs to several police departments over the years, including Allegan County Sheriff’s Department, whose entire K9 unit is purchased and trained through our academy.

Assistance/Service Dogs

Nino and our trainers look at your individual needs and expectations that you have of your dog. We train your dog in the exact way that you need so you can have your independence and maintain an excellent and unique bond with your dog. Dogs can be trained to assist individuals with a variety of disabililites, from cerebral pulsy or blindness, to diabetes or emotional disabilities.

Academy for Trainers

We have programs available for anyone who is interested in becoming a dog trainer or someone who wants to advance their knowledge. We look at each individual to create a program to fit their needs, and have one-on-one classes for more efficient learning.

Seminars are also available for motivational tracking, obedience, retrieve and all other areas mentioned above.

Please note that all deposits left for training programs are non-refundable.

Our Services

Obedience for All Breeds

Obedience for All Breeds

Breeding Progam

Breeding Program

Boarding for Dogs

Boarding for Dogs

Protection K-9

Protection K-9

Police K-9 Training

Police K-9 Training

Academy for Trainers

Academy for Trainers


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