I’ve had Boomer & Thor since they were pups. I thought I was doing the right thing with them. Training them to do the basics….walking loose leash, sit, stay, come, etc. They did those things very well. They did not do well when it came to other people and dogs. I read many articles on socializing. My biggest problem is that I didn’t have confidence in myself with them around others. I needed to regroup and sought out Nino’s help. He and his staff worked with Boomer & Thor by getting others instead of me being with them. Nino and I talked many times over the phone while he was training them. Nino taught me as well…to be the pack leader. I think I needed more training than the dogs. Because of Nino’s training, I gained more confidence and Boomer and Thor could sense that as well. It’s a pleasure now taking them on walks and to the park around other people and dogs. They seem happier as well. When people see me with the dogs and compliment with regarding their good behavior and how well they respond to me, I tell them Nino did a great job training me and the dogs. Thank you Nino and your staff.

Tom Russo