Hi, Nino and Pamela,

Not a day goes by that we don’t comment on how great our dog is and how happy and relieved we are that we sent her to you. As you know, I was an overprotective mother hen who wasn’t entirely convinced that we couldn’t handle her training ourselves (with a bit of guidance) and who really wasn’t sure that I could stand to leave her for 8 weeks. We’d had a dog in the past who was hard-headed and required firm training and consistent leadership, so we thought we were ready for Olive. We were wrong. As Olive’s wilfullness grew, we began to suspect we were in over our heads. When she began to show signs of dog aggression after being bitten on the nose by a small dog at a pet store, we knew it.

Nothing we did worked to lessen the leash aggression she developed after that incident, and soon it was growing into leash aggression toward people passing by, as well. She clearly did not see us (especially me, Amy) as being in charge, no matter how much training we did and no matter how many subtle cues we tried to give showing that we were Alpha. She completely tuned us out when she was excited or mad and we spent all of our time yelling at her to stop doing something – chewing, stealing objects, growling, chasing the cats, jumping, mouthing us, etc.. I was very concerned that if she was showing signs of leash aggression toward dogs and people at the age of 6 months, things were only going to get worse. Furthermore, we recognized that as a Rottweiler, her behavior was going to be under the microscope even more than dogs we had owned in the past. With some sense of desperation, we called Nino and made the trip to Lowell.

Eight long weeks later our Wild Olive was returned to us as Sweet Olive. We can’t believe the difference. She is still a puppy and has the same loveable personality she always had, but now she LISTENS to us! If she goes astray and decides to try to eat the toilet paper, a simple “NO” promptly redirects her – no more chase or keep away or repeated yelling. She came home a much calmer dog, far more comfortable and in control of herself and her role in our family. Nino’s training allowed us to gain control so that she feels comfortable with us as the boss and hears what we say. While she is still very playful and sometimes even a bit wild, she remains in control of herself and her actions. When we pass by other dogs on walks, she is alert but not aggressive. She doesn’t get into a blind frenzy anymore. While she tries to play with our aged, arthritic shepherd mix, she no longer leaps on her uncontrollably pushing her to the ground.

In hindsight I can clearly see that we would not have been capable of accomplishing this level of control ourselves. Nino’s training methods and use of the e-collar proved to be profoundly more effective than the positive-only techniques that seem to be in vogue today. Furthermore, it seems that living among a lot of dogs all making noise
and being in close proximity really helped to desensitize her a bit and alleviate some of her defensive aggression. We went from questioning why we had decided to get a Rottweiler to realizing exactly why – and knowing that we’d do it again in a heartbeat now that she is such a wonderful companion and family member!

Thank You,

The Krone Family