Dear Nino (K-9 Academy International):

Hal and I want to thank you for seeing the potential ability in our Golden Doodle, Henry. We brought you a dog with little behavioral training and picked up a dog with inner discipline. As you may remember, Henry was very poor at walking on a leash, (pulling and tugging), greeting people and other dogs, jumping on the little grandchildren, and continuous barking. We had tried the traditional training methods with food awards and several training tools to control barking. We had a closet full of training collars and leashes that were useless. As he reached 50 pounds it was almost impossible for us to walk him anywhere with confidence and enjoyment. We called your K-9 Academy International as a last resort. We left Henry with you for several weeks. On one phone call, you stated that Henry was a very smart dog; he always had a plan A, B, and C for whatever it was that he wanted to do.

Imagine our joy when we returned to pick him up and discovered a much more internally disciplined dog. He still was fun-loving, gentle, and dominant but controlled. Henry could now heel, walk free on the leash, respond to commands of direction: (right or left), down, stay, sit, up, and no and come (on or off leash). The barking was now used for warning and ceased when he was assured that it was “OK”. The little babies and young children can crawl around the floor free of the dog on top of them. He no longer jumps on the older children and knocks them down. Henry has truly become a member of our family and neighborhood. Everyone loves Henry and so do we.

We have also used the Academy’s kennel program and were again very pleased. The prices are comparable to other kennels but additional exercise/playtime and included training updates make the choice simple. Henry is always very happy to arrive and remembers his training friend Nino. On occasions we, as owners, get lazy or start accepting less of Henry’s behavior than we should. We really appreciate your continuous willingness to teach us skills and techniques to bring Henry’s behavior back to “highly acceptable”, usually within 20 minutes.

Thanks for staying involved and helping pet owners, like us, learn how to be leaders for our dogs.


Hal and Karen Horlings