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Nino Islamcevic

Gittano Nino

Nino Islamcevic, owner and training director at K9 Academy International, came to the United States from Croatia in 1997. He has been professionally training dogs for over 25 years in several disciplines, including obedience, behavior modification, problem-solving, tracking, protection, Schutzhund, assistance/ service dogs, police K-9’s, specific odor scenting and personal protection.

Nino has earned the titles of IPO/ Schutzhund judge, Training Director, IPO/Schutzhund Helper/Decoy, and certifications for instructing private and group classes, and training assistance/ service dogs. Nino is also an established breeder and involved in socializing, raising puppies, conformation shows to CAC (National) and CACIB (International) Titles.

In Schutzhund, Nino won a National Championship in IPO1 in Croatia, and was twice selected for the Croatian Team for World Championships. On the the Croatian team with his dog Aga, he participated in the World Championship in IPO3 in Luxembourg in 1996.Nino was also the team captain for the AWDF USA team in the IPO World Championship for utility dogs in 2011.

Nino has trained many assistance/service dogs, often to preform complicated and unusual tasks. One of the most remarkable dogs trained by Nino was a Golden Retriever, trained to respond to a liberator, which is a computer-based communicating device for a person in an electric-powered wheelchair. This dog is now working in real life situations, performing well of forty commands and helping to overcome everyday challenges for his owner.

Nino also trains police dogs for dual purpose, narcotics, specific odor scenting, building search, full suit biting, real life situations, tracking, etc. He also temperament tests and places dogs to serve and protect throughout the United States

Including all of the aforementioned disciplines, Nino has trained over 3,000 dogs!

Gittano Rope

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