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We are here all throughout the day but to ensure we give the most attention and care to your family pets our pickup and drop off times are 10-12 and 6-8 pm. If another time is needed please text or call Taylor at 616-216-1115

Becca Bruinekool

Hello, my name is Becca Bruinekool. I work here at K9 Academy International. I have been a huge animal lover since I was a small child. I got my first dog at just two years old! He was a Chocolate Lab named Lucky that was an energetic ball of fun! We had him until I was seven; unfortunately he was hit by a car. New Years Day 2000, my mom gifted me with my next dog Duddley who was a miniature Cocker Spaniel. He was my best friend; I loved training him and taking him on our camping trips! Growing up I also had many other animals, a chameleon, a bearded dragon, a cat named J.C. and my Rabbit Thumper. Last year they both died of old age but will forever be in my heart. I have also had the pleasure of having a purebred Husky named Odie who I trained and he was a great family dog alongside my two Husky Rottweiler mixes. Since having such a love for animals and specifically dogs I decided to apply at K9 Academy International. I love working with all of them. They can brighten up any ones day. I mainly work here at K9 Academy International taking care of our dogs that are here for boarding, training and daycare. My responsibilities include playing with them, feeding them, and making sure they are nice and clean to go home to you! Soon I will be starting the Apprenticeship Program to learn to train dogs. I would love to be able to learn this in order to better myself and be an asset to this company. I am looking forward to many more years to come at K9 Academy International.

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Doggy Day Care in Grand Rapids MI also available!

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