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10:00 AM – 12 NOON & 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

We are here all throughout the day but to ensure we give the most attention and care to your family pets our pickup and drop off times are 10-12 and 6-8 pm. If another time is needed please text or call Taylor at 616-216-1115

Protection K-9

All our Protection programs are personalized for every household, business, personal protection, family protection or special programs. We have very extensive service, offering many different options, like:

  • Sometimes we are able to sell you the dog from our breeding program. From time to time we have pups available and also young adult dogs that we raised, ready for training or already trained for protection. Sometimes we will find you the dog through our connections in Europe and other breeders.
  • We can find the dog you want, temperament test the dog to make sure you are getting excellent quality dog and train this dog to your specifications.
  • If you want to raise puppy your self, you have to pick a good candidate for protection program and we can assist you by going with you to the breeder of your or our choice, temperament test puppies and recommend the best pup from that litter. Also we can give you guidance how to raise your dog to have all socialization needed and all drives developed properly. A lot of dog owners get excellent quality pups, but raise their dogs in a wrong way and cause them to fail as protection dogs. We can teach you how not to make those mistakes.
  • We can also temperament test your dog if you have one, to determine if your dog is suitable for protection.
  • For most people the best dogs for protection need to have good temperament, good drives and they have to be well socialized. In some cases, but very rare, dogs do not have to be well socialized. This mostly applies to dogs that guard in fenced yards and have contact only with people they know. However even this type of dog has to have good courage to confront ‘bad guys’ when they show up.
  • We have trained many dogs for protection included Police K-9.

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We have excellent quality dogs for sale available! All up to date on vaccines, health checked and temperament tested.


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