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We are here all throughout the day but to ensure we give the most attention and care to your family pets our pickup and drop off times are 10-12 and 6-8 pm. If another time is needed please text or call Taylor at 616-216-1115

Breeding Program

Our goal in raising German Shepherd Dogs is to present puppies with good health and sound temperaments so others can enjoy the security and companionship these dogs provide. Whether you’re walking through your neighborhood, at home or in your car, there is no better feeling than to have a GSD at your side. We specialize in providing these dogs to other German Shepherd enthusiasts. We don’t feel the need to provide aggressive dogs, but rather dogs that will provide protection naturally, through instinct. We only breed dogs that have extensive pedigrees and bloodlines that provide sound temperaments. We do not condone puppy mills or breeders that do not care properly for their dogs. We are not a commercial kennel, and all our dogs are personally owned and cared for by us.

Our pups start with their socialization program at the early age of 5 weeks. All pups come with a personalized follow-up program to aid their families to raise their pups to their fullest potential, whether that be for a family companion, or a sport or working dog.

Our breeding program is based on imported European bloodlines, and our studs and dams are tested and selected personally by Nino Islamcevic

 We specialize in German Shepherd Breeding. So give us a call if you are looking for German Shepherd Breeders in Grand Rapids Michigan!

Belgian Malinois and Rottweiler studs available, and occasionally puppies.

German Shepherd Dog

Mala Vom Harisburg, is the off-spring of Gittano Semper Wictor 4x VA1, V62 BSZC 08, IPO3, KKL1, and Shadow Vom Harisburg.  Mala’s grandmother, Dona Leomegy SCHH1, was also a direct import from Europe.  Mala is a good sized female with fantastic conformation and a phenomenal temperament. Mala has a very calm and sweet demeanor, but with strong drives to protect her home. OFA Good hips, OFA Normal Elbows.


Shadow Von Harisburg – Shadow is the off-spring of Dona Leomegy, high-score Sch1, our direct import from Europe; and Iron Garo von Harisburg, 3X BG, narcotic detection certified, and personal protection dog.  Garo’s mother is Sina von Haus Sindern, and his sire is the famous Stormfront’s Brawnson, Police K-9 and competion dog with trophies in multiple sports.


Sina von Haus Sindern – Female imported directly from Germany, excellent bloodlines. One of the best, lowest ZW-64! SZ Nr. 2037007

K9 Academy Internaional Dogs

Harley Vom Castle Black is a highly driven female with an excellent temperament and is very athletic. She is an affectionate female and loves to be with her people, something she is passing on to her puppies, a few who are currently training to be Service Dogs. Harley was the top of the litter female from a past litter with her mother being Jazzy Of Castle Black.

German Shepherd Dog

Tank vom Harisburg is a very powerful, strong male. He is the off-spring of Gittano Semper Wictor, 4x VA1, V62 BSZC 08, IPO3, KKL1, and Shadow Vom Harisburg . Tank excels at any task given to him and has been trained in personal protection and narcotics detection. Tank is a large male with big bones and a rich red pigment in his coat. He has strong protection drives that are paired with a very solid/ stable temperament making him incredibly outgoing and social. We kept Tank in our breeding program because he exhibits many of the qualities his father Gittano Semper Wictor has. Tank loves to work and is very active but has the ability to calm down quickly and relax in the house. We believe that having a solid on and off switch is highly important for every dog to be able to quickly react to any situation, but to relax and happily lay down. Like his father Gittano Semper Wictor, Tank will continue to produce puppies with a stable temperament that will have a nice on and off switch, enabling them to become the perfect family companions.


Iron Garo Von Harisburg – Garo is the son of Stormfront’s Brawnson, one of the best police K-9’s in the USA, and Sina von Haus Sindern ZW 64.  Garo is narcotic detection certified, BH titled excellent, and has excellent drives.  Garo is consistently producing very nice pups!

German Shepherd Dog

Storm Vom Herrn is a very nice Czech/DDR female with very high prey and defense drives. Storm is full of energy, drive and loves to work; she has been started in all three phases of IPO, along with narcotics detection and agility. Storm’s father is Mutz Aritar Bastet IPO2 AD.  She is well put together and is turning into a very strong female with excellent drives.


Dona Leomegy – Dona has given us many excellent pups over the years, including Shadow von Harisburg.  She has great work and conformation genetics, and is Sch1 96/95/96 with excellent ratings from the SV judge!

Dog Protection Program in Michigan

Chaos des Ombres Valureux – Chaos is very powerful and fightful.  He never stops!  Extra nice bloodlines, super prey and defense drives.  Sch3, and narcotic detection certified.


Aga –  was a participant of the World Championship 1996 in Luxembourg, handled by his owner/trainer Nino Islamcevic. A very powerful dog with excellent drives in all three phases. Aga has sired many excellent pups. Aga, thank you for many years of friendship and joy of working together. You will always be in my memories.

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